RB Coffee Table. Surfing Inspired.

Red compliments black. 99% upcycled material content .

Red complimenting black nicely here. Scalable table design, from end to dining to conference table size to sit 12. Transparent stain and color on wood.

Materials : Reclaimed and upcycled vertical grain old growth wood.
Table dimensions : 54.5 in x 19.5 in. x 18 in. high.
Rod iron base is shown for coffee table size. Reclaimed steel base. 18 in.(h).
Available for purchase. upcycler.etsy.com

This piece is on display January 11- March 29,2009
"Progress And Ideals. 21st Century Arts & Crafts"
Muckenthaler Museum. Fullerton, CA

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upcycle upcycling upcycled sustainable green design furniture art recycle reclaim

"Patientia" Black and White. Wall Art.

Eco-art wall sculpture.

Art. Wall hanging. Transparent color and stain on wood. Lacquer.
Design can be scaled into other interior furnishings. See table and wall sculpture shown.
Original designs. 1994-2008.
Materials: Reclaimed and upcycled wood.
Dimensions : 74 x 24 x 3/4 in.
Available for purchase. upcycler.etsy.com





"Castitas" Low Table.

My ode to honor grand ancient trees that are living no more.
"Castitas" : Courage and boldness.
Dimensions 40 x 16 x 10 in.(h).
Materials : Reclaimed and upcycled old growth wood. Transparent color/stain.

The inspiration for this piece comes from heroic tree sitters showing courage and boldness
that risk much to protect ancient old growth trees.
Scalable design for tables or cabinet doors.
Available for purchase. upcycler.etsy.com

upcycle upcycling upcycled sustainable green design furniture art recycle reclaim


Wood and Color Squares. Eco-Art.

Displaying some 18 x 18 in. samples. The possibilities.

upcycle upcycling upcycled sustainable green design furniture art recycle reclaim

These designs can be scaled into many square and rectangular dimensions.
Picture your next dining or conference table.
Materials : Reclaimed old growth wood. Transparent stain and color.

"Liberalitas" Table. Copper on Upcycled Wood.

Table top. Scalable design. Adaptable for wall sculpture hanging. Art.
Materials : Reclaimed wood. Transparent color/stain. Copper leaf.
Dimensions : 18 x 18 x 1in.

upcycle upcycling upcycled sustainable green eco design furniture art recycled reclaimed wood


Black, Red and Silver Combination

Re-design adds value.
One of 2 matched end tables. New finish design increased value 5x.
Materials : Reclaimed and refinished wood furniture.
Dimensions : 29 x 20 x 18in.(h).

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