RB Coffee Table. Surfing Inspired.

Red compliments black. 99% upcycled material content .

Red complimenting black nicely here. Scalable table design, from end to dining to conference table size to sit 12. Transparent stain and color on wood.

Materials : Reclaimed and upcycled vertical grain old growth wood.
Table dimensions : 54.5 in x 19.5 in. x 18 in. high.
Rod iron base is shown for coffee table size. Reclaimed steel base. 18 in.(h).
Available for purchase. upcycler.etsy.com

This piece is on display January 11- March 29,2009
"Progress And Ideals. 21st Century Arts & Crafts"
Muckenthaler Museum. Fullerton, CA

upcycled,eco-modern, furniture,art

upcycle upcycling upcycled sustainable green design furniture art recycle reclaim


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. May the WORLD beat a path to your door!

Thank you.


MBD73 said...

Hey Michael,

Beautiful Work you've done with the upcycled wood.

very nicely done.

Keep up the good work and thought of recycling stuff, it's the future for shure.

Regards Carsten :-)

MBD73 said...

Hey Michael,

Beautiful work you've done with the upcycled wood.

I also like the thought about recycling, it's the way of the future with all the furniture we throw out and burn. It could be recycled aswell !

Keep up the nice work

Regards Carsten :-)

Kimberly said...

Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

Hi Michael,

The piece of furniture that you made for me and my family is used every day and we love it. I find your designs very peaceful to have around and use. Thanks so much.