Humilitas Table

A tall coffee table with thicker design elements shown. Scalable up to conference table size. The concentric color design unifies red and black, flowing with the natural wood grain.
Transparent color and stain on wood. Varnish.
Materials : Reclaimed and upcycled old growth American heart pine. Oak edge banding.
Dimensions : 22.5 x 56 x 1.5 in.thick x 18.5 in. high.
Available for purchase. upcycler.etsy.com

eco-modern table

Design comments : Working with reclaimed wood and eliminating waste means considering the original dimensions of the raw materials and how they will be scaled into the finished design. The materials for this table are thicker so instead of cutting the materials down to fit a preconceived notion of element design, the robust elements are preserved.

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