The Praecius Table. Upcycling of Reclaimed Materials.

The Praecius table is based on precise design by strictly conforming to natural pattern. The set of concentric black and white squares conform to a 1.0 Fibonacci series found in nature like the petal structure of flowers and the spirals of galaxies. This natural balance is relaxing and pleasing to the eye. Matching conference, dining and end tables available.

Available for purchase. upcycler.etsy.com

Materials : Reclaimed and upcycled wood. Repurposed composite materials. Black, white and clear lacquer.
Dimensions : 32 x 32 x 19 in. (81.28 x 81.28 x 48.26 cm.)


Design comments : To demonstrate the use of reclaimed modern composite wood materials, the Praecius table design uses a reclaimed solid core composite wood Masonite door for the top and a reclaimed wood table base from well made reclaimed consumer furniture. As a note to other designers, I recommend sourcing used furniture for its component parts such as legs and bases and design up from there. Newly constructed legs and bases take time to design and use additional resources to fabricate.

eco-modern table

An alternative view and reclaimed steel base.

fibonacci design

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